Sapphire Inspection Systems

Sapphire Inspection Systems

A renowned innovator in low energy inspection


2idesign has created a fresh website for Sapphire Inspection Systems. The website needed to reflect their systems that are quick to install, easy to use and unrivaled in the industry for speed, sensitivity and sophistication.

The new modern easy to use illustrative website, was a key factor in conveying what they did and how they offer a unique perspective on a rapidly growing market. The website showcased their range of products and how they related across both industries and food type, so the cross-referencing was an important part of the site structure and functionality.

Since the launch of the website we have helped Sapphire Inspection Systems establish this new look across various marketing material including product flyers, adverts, exhibition graphics and catalogues. Such is the success of the new feel, the website has been used by their American company, which has included the design of a new logo, website and marketing material.









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